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With Catalog Software you can:
Product Catalog
Jewelry Catalog
Construction Tools Catalog
Artwork Catalog
Souvenirs Catalog
Parts Catalog
Vehicle Catalog
create Stationery Catalog
Furniture Catalog
Equipment Catalog
and any other catalog or online storefront, related to your business.

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Create a Catalog software. MyBusinessCatalog - solution for creating a digital catalog of products and services, PDF, online store or catalog for Android.

Create a Catalog Software.

One of the challenges to effective marketing is that not everyone is part of the Internet surfing community, browsing websites all day long. There are many prospects that companies cannot reach through their website. Regarding those that we can reach, how can we get them to make purchases of our products and services once they have gone offline?

You can easily create a fully functional online store. The program will automatically upload and configure the required software on your web server, and you will be able to upload your data to it with a click of the mouse!

For convenience in test-driving this feature, the program comes with dozens of demo stores. Check them out. All that is available even in the free version!

One of the solutions to this problem of marketing is the creation of product and services catalogs on CD-ROMs. MyBusinessCatalog is a quick and remarkably easy tool for authoring such a catalog right out of the box. The catalog runs from the CD and doesn’t require any installation on the customer’s machine. It has all the tools for creating, printing, and submitting an order by email and supports updating product information via the Internet. Orders can be submitted as many times as desired. They can be grouped, received from several departments and consolidated before submission. The catalog can be distributed to customers and partners, and can even be shown as a slideshow at presentations and business meetings.

A CD-ROM product catalog never grows stale. Its data is always updated over the Internet. This update procedure is completely automatic and behind the scenes. The new data is written to the hard disk, rather than back on the CD-ROM.

Offline marketing with CD-ROM product catalogs is much cheaper than using only online presentations. For the small outlay of MyBusinessCatalog and some development time, your products and services can reach many more people than just having your website. The cost of offline distribution is zero, as your prospective customers get the CD-ROM from your hands. They use their own computer to update the catalog and submit an order.

Creating CD-ROM product catalogs is easy

The creation of a CD catalog is a simple process. You simply enter the information about your company and products into the catalog, burn the customer portion of the catalog onto a CD disk and you’re done! Then give it out to customers so they will get the most complete and up-to-date information on your products while allowing them to create an order and submit it by email without ever browsing your website.

Until recently, businesses that wanted to create a product catalog had only one choice – hire a company or an individual to develop one for them. This could literally cost hundreds of dollars. Now with MyBusinessCatalog , anyone can make a catalog in minutes without any creative ability or knowledge of Macromedia Flash or HTML.

CD-ROM catalogs offer an alternative to expensive press

Burning a digital catalog onto a CD-ROM is cheaper than printing the same catalog on paper and the lifespan of an optical disk is longer than that of paper. Besides, you will not need to print a new catalog should you change the product or the product list. If necessary, you can print the catalog on paper right from the program.

Full customization to your personal preferences

The program can be customized to make the catalog look the way you want and match your corporate style. There are 150 skins available, plus graphics elements. The skin can be customized to personal preferences. To see possible examples, please follow this link: http://www.mybusinesscatalog.com/skins.html

Running a consumer-orientated business in this highly competitive world without a product catalog on a CD-ROM would be like trying to run a business without a listing in the Yellow Pages. A CD catalog in many ways puts all the basic methods of communication into one very-necessary window through which your prospective customers can shop and place their orders.

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Guide on Creating a Digital Product Catalog

Major Features / License Comparison for Catalog Creation Software

Create Catalog software

Available Features


Small Business



Creating a fully functional online store
Catalog for Android
Entering/editing product/service lists
Import Wizard for retrieving data from MS Excel, Access, DBF, TXT, CSV, XML
Arranging products in groups/subgroups
Entering/scanning/adding photographs/charts/diagrams
Smooth and fixed zooming into images
Customizable image transition effects
Entering/editing detailed descriptions
Adding Flash movies
News and company information page
Order creation/printing/submission system
Order management system. Order history
Multiple-office support for consolidating orders
Consolidating orders on customer side
Attaching order as file to e-mail message
Setting up the form and requesting any data from customer
Maintaining several catalogs on a single PC
Product galleries
Printing price lists
Printing illustrated catalog in your format
Printing data and images on individual items
Printing description on an individual item
Contextual and advanced catalog search
Creating/burning CD catalog
Using/running catalog from CD (or installing catalog on user's computer)
Creating and/or sending a PDF catalog of all or selected items
Creating an HTML catalog of all or selected items
Development of printable reports with your corporate style
Updating end-user catalog over the Internet (How it works)
Maintaining multiple-currency catalogs
Discount policy
Bulk order restrictions
Support of several user interface languages
Supports skins (qty.)1515180+180+
Max. number of items in catalog60 (2 x 30)unlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Max. number of CD/DVD copies 5005000unlimitedunlimited

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